Musings & so forth.: Four Hobbies for Winter.

Awesome winter.


It’s not exceptionally difficult to find motivation during the warmer months, when the gentle breeze beckons and there is an unexplainable urge about to go “exploring”. However, as the Southern Hemisphere looks forward to sending our best wishes off with the Summer months, it can be a little more difficult to find the desire to do anything other than snuggle up on the couch and watch movie constantly (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). So, here are some new and old favourites to occupy yourself through the chilly months:

1. Knitting
Possibly the world’s most “nana”-esque pasttime, knitting requires both patience and a little bit of skill, but certainly is well worth it when you’re wearing around your fanciful new clothing items. I know, it seems fairly standard, but there are some amazing things you can do with some wool and needles. Take for instance, Charlotte, from Tiny Owl’s Magic Attic, an etsy store owner who sells the most adorable knitting patterns. Definitely worth a check out in itself, if not a purchase of some cute designs.

2. Bargain Hunting
We will never be able to escape our status as a consumer driven society, so why not embrace it? There are thousands of sites that facilitate online shopping, and some of them even offer pretty mean bargains. Figure out a budget and spend some time shopping around, without feeling the obligation of buying something because a pushy sales person decided to pick out a wardrobe for you to try on. Or, set yourself a challenge. Grab a group of friends, set a budget and see who can find the cutest / best wardrobe / most awesome item. I found the most adorable pair of tap shoes in an OP shop the other day.

3. Baking / Cooking
There are so many warming foods to be consumed during winter, so why have the joy of creating something truly heartwarming? has a delicious recipe for Perfect Pumpkin Soup, and I can tell you it’s amazing, especially if it’s topped off with freshly baked scones. Nothing warms you up inside and out like a good ol’ pumpkin soup, but whatever tickles your fancy!

4. Find Someone To Cuddle
It’s no fallacy, cuddling has to be one of Winter’s most welcomed activities. Whether it’s a friend or… a closer friend, there’s nothing like a great big bear hug to further articulate the statement “It’s bloody cold!”. And never fret, if you’re a novice, check out 12 Steps to Cuddling, you’re guaranteed to have a swell time getting you’re snuggle on!

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